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Flooring Tulsa

Are you tired of kicking around on a worn-out floor, or has your carpeting finally reached its end-of-life? Your home should be your refuge, with floors to match your lifestyle. Do It 4 Me Guy of Tulsa helps your home realize its potential through skilled installation of the new floorings of your choice -- wood, laminate, carpet, tile or stone.

Why Replace Old Flooring?

Aesthetics aside, there are many reasons you should consider replacing worn carpet and flooring.

  • • Carpet, even when well cared for, has a life expectancy of about ten years in the average family home. After several years, even the most carefully maintained carpet will begin to show signs of wear. It isn't just the parts that you can see that can be problematic -- the padding underneath starts to become compacted and break down. Carpet fibers themselves can become worn and discolored.
  • • Wood flooring can be sanded and refinished up to six times. This doesn't mean this is always the prudent course of action. If you have older wood floors with warped, chipped, deeply stained or water-damaged planks, it may be more cost-effective to replace the whole thing. Another consideration for replacing wood flooring is if your house has had termite trouble in the past. Even if the surfaces of your old floors look untouched by termites, if you are noticing excess squeaking or give when you walk across the floor, you should consider letting our experts assess its structural integrity.
  • • Chipped or cracked tile on floors can be unsightly. They can also be problematic. The cracks can harbor bacteria, while moisture can seep underneath and cause damage to the subfloor. There is the added risk of cuts from sharp tile edges on bare feet.

Is Flooring Replacement Cost-Effective?

You may be thinking that it will be too expensive to replace your current flooring. However, if you take these factors into consideration, you'll find it might be more cost-effective to upgrade and replace your flooring.

  • • The average cost of cleaning the carpets in five rooms of your home can be upwards of $50 a room. That is $250. If you have the carpets cleaned just three times a year, that's $1,250. Multiply that by five years ($6,250), and that's enough to replace them with new carpet or easy care laminate flooring.
  • • Refinishing worn wood floors can be tedious and costly. If you're doing it on your own, you have to factor in the cost of tool rentals, supplies, time taken off to complete the project, the loss of use of your rooms and then the possibility of professional cleaning to remove dust and residue can run you even more.

For a free, no-pressure estimate, give us a call at (918) 286-7474 or use the pull-out at the right. When you're looking for top service and expertise in the Tulsa area, trust Do It 4 Me Guy for all your flooring needs. You'll be amazed at the time and money we can save you.

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